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Covid 19 Response Efforts

Help us deliver non-contact food packets to more than 800 families in Northern Cambodia

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The safety of children, of communities, team members, volunteers and supporters is very important to us. While COVID19 continues to impact us all, we wanted to take a moment and share how we are facing the current set of challenges in Cambodia.

Effective March 16, all Cambodian schools public and private at every level are closed until further notice. This effectively means all PLF operations at all schools cease, officially. But it most certainly does not mean our work ends. It just changes and we’re ready to meet every challenge.

We are committed to working together to support one another through this rapidly evolving situation. We appreciate everyone in our PLF family and your continued encouragement means more to us now than it ever has before.

If you are already helping us with food and wellness projects, thank you. There will be a ramp up in both of those quadrants so if you’d like to contribute to the effort to keep our the most vulnerable of our students and their families well through this crisis, we’d be grateful. Our priorities are to keep children fed and keep communities supplied with the basics of soap, clean water, solid information and a way to access medical care if required.

These packets cost $8 each and are being delivered every 10 days to three locations. We could use your help.

When this is over, let’s be proud of the way we held ourselves and each other.