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Give the Gift of Real Change


$900 towards $1,000

Join me this birthday and make a real difference.

Hello friends and family!

Another year passed & I feel wiser and clearer (than ever) about the ways we can help grow peace on this planet. Education, good health, a nourishing meal — these fundamentals form the beating heart of the Ponheary Ly Foundation's work. I've sat on the PLF's Board of Directors since 2006 & have since witnessed the transformation of thousands of rural, impoverished children's & families' lives.

This year, for my 67th birthday, I'm fundraising to ensure healthy meals and plenty of books for 650+ students returning to school imminently. These particular students live in a remote area in the far north of the country and struggle with food insecurity.

Part of the funds raised will contribute to feeding programs that keep these vulnerable children healthy and ready to learn.

The other part we'll use to purchase new books for the libraries at two remote schools.

My goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing paths through education that lead children to opportunities that will better their lives. In lieu of a card or a present, please consider supporting this effort. The smallest amount goes the longest way...

Ponheary, Lori, the team & kids are incredibly grateful for your support!