Professional Upskilling & Growth Across The Team

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We have 20 teachers in the field across our projects, overseeing the extra curricular subjects of English, science, computers and more. Overseeing them is our core team of field directors and admin staff who maintain the framework and breadth of operations.

Many of these amazing individuals are either former students, or came in at the early days of our organization and have evolved and grown along with us, making huge contributions to our development along the way.

We believe in giving opportunities where we see enthusiasm and a thirst for growth, and often train members into their entry teaching positions, as well as giving all team members regular access to skills training so that we in turn are serving our students to the absolute best of abilities. These include internal trainings, peer coaching tours and teacher exchanges, as well as external courses and extra English classes.

We have seen how quickly teachers in the field and our HQ staff can learn and apply new concepts and skills. Scaling up these offerings for the 30 staff who benefit from it will have a direct and immediate impact on our students, so we’d like to increase the current budget to $4500 this year.