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Welcome to the University "Collective"!

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Welcome to the University "Collective"!

The Situation and What You Can Do

More & more PLF students are staying the course through school and getting to the Grade 12 national exam. With those G12 graduates in turn breaking into higher levels of academic achievement, we need to grow our high school, university, and vocational training scholarship programs accordingly.

Our goal is always to ensure that students from impoverished families achieve their full potential and take advantage of the same opportunities as the elite. Developed to offer the best chance of success at the critical junctures of a student's learning journey, our scholarship programs enable them to pursue further education, improve their job prospects, and contribute to a more equitable future for their communities and their country.

A full University Scholarship for Bachelor's Degree at a good school costs $7,000 in average all in. Many of our dear supporters want to help this effort but find the cost of one full scholarship daunting. Here's where you can all pitch in together and get the job done!

If we can fill up this progress bar by the time of the next awards in December, we'll introduce you to your student!

Donating to our scholarship fund today can help students’ dream futures come true tomorrow!

If you're interested in funding one or more full scholarships, please be in touch :-)