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Help us take e-learning to the next level

Join us and help make a difference, please give today.


$900 towards $600

We're aiming to elevate e-learning for our Siem-Reap based students. Help us fund a PC ($600) & outfit a computer lab in our brand new Learning Center!


The Ponheary Ly Foundation supports the education of more than 2,800 students in northern rural Cambodia.

Unfortunately, the past few pandemic-fraught years have tested our ability to serve out this mission — school doors have intermittently opened & closed (with many students deciding to return permanently to the fields). The government’s solution — air the national curricula on TV. A sadly untenable proposition, given most rural Cambodians don't own mobile phones, let alone television sets…

Not all hope was lost, however. In late 2020, we set in motion our first ever e-learning program. We sourced makeshift hubs & furnished them with the bare essentials for virtual schooling: a 3G phone, blackout curtains, a projector & a big karaoke speaker.

Beyond developing a newfound digital literacy (leveraging tools like the internet — for some, for the first time), our students began to hone the ability to self-study, collaborate & conduct research. Suffice it to say, we are incredibly excited by e-learning's potential & aren’t quite ready to park it (even when school doors do open up again).

Our #1 priority for 2022: build out an after-school Learning Center for 400+ Siem Reap students, outfitted with computer labs. We'd love your support funding a PC for one of these rooms (see below).

On behalf of the organization, our team & students — thank you kindly for your support. Your gifts matter!