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Support access to education in Cambodia

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.


$200 towards $1,000

You all know my love and admiration for the Ponheary Ly Foundation, an amazing organization that provides schooling for over 2,500 students, living in poverty in remote areas. I've been involved with them almost from the beginning and the impact they have since their inception is nothing short of astounding.

In 16 out of the last 19 months, schools around Cambodia have been closed and, devastatingly, literacy rates have plummeted. With limited access to online learning (the government airing the national curricula on televisions which many rural Cambodians do not possess), students have struggled to continue their education. Even scarier perhaps, when school doors do re-open students will be catapulted two grades ahead without proper formation — the PLF’s 2nd grade students, for example, will re-join as 4th graders (expected to read/write when they only just started learning the complex Khmer alphabet pre-pandemic).

This year for my birthday I am asking you to join me in supporting the PLF's critical efforts to improve literacy & teacher training.

Raising my goal of $1,000 will allow the PLF to:

  1. Acquire literacy kits offered by an organization called KAPE (these kits provide effective tools & aids for teachers)
  2. Print much-needed materials before school resumes in a couple months

We only have a very small window of time to get kids caught up before they throw up their hands and drop out. PLF has not had primary school dropouts in a very long time. Together, we can prevent it from happening.

Thank you!