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We're Going to Solve a Great Big Water Problem.


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The Great Big Water Problem at Prey Kuol Village

For my birthday this year, I'm dreaming of fixing every broken well in Prey Kuol Village. Where the heck is that you ask? it’s waaaaay up in the forest in Preah Vihear Province about 50 km as the crow flies from the Thai border.

PLF has, in a small step-by-step process, helped the community develop a school in this very remote area.

There is only a very small, very long dirt road that leads to the village. During the monsoon season (5 months of the year) a certain river crests which runs across that road and cuts the community off from markets, clinics, schools, banks and every other form of community support. There is no electricity or sanitation.

The people living there are resilient and humble; living it tough in the bush where life is a constant struggle. And yet what they wish for most - is for their children to go to school. I've stood by and watched as they've rolled up their sleeves again and again and happily helped pull everything together, never asking for anything for themselves, only for their children at the school.

Various Charities have rolled through the northern frontier in the last decade and put in a substantial number of water wells. Prey Kuol village in fact is resplendent in the number of wells in their community. But after years of wear and tear, they are all mostly non-functional. There has never been any Charity following up on their installations. No water testing. No teaching the villagers how to repair them. No leaving some critical tools behind. No concern whatsoever for the sustainability of the gift they gave. Just put up the plaque and take a few photos. Check. #endrant

So, once again I'm shamelessly using my birthday in an effort to scoop up everyone’s loose change to fix every broken well in Prey Kuol Village. Let’s teach some guys how to do maintenance and simple repairs. Let’s pay the well master a bit to teach them. Let’s leave some critical tools behind.

We know how to do things right.

Let’s go on and get them done. xx

UPDATE!!!! People in Cambodia are having trouble donating. If that happens to you, use the paypal! same same.