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June's Belated Birthday Fundraiser!

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I first went to Cambodia on a tourist visit in 2007. I had googled (did we have google then??) and read good reviews of the PLF. So I called them up and asked if I could "do something." We visited Tchey and Koh Ker and handed out ice cream and condensed milk sandwiches. For kids who didn't always get three square meals a day, much less treats, this was a big hit. At that time, giving out $20 school packages was the charity's main undertaking.

I kept in touch with Lori and Ponheary and, in 2009, went back to teach English and crafts. I remember distinctly a young teenage boy who was taught algebra by one of the visiting volunteers. Afterwards, on his own accord, he went and taught the same to the younger kids. Lori saw this and started to cry - the culture of giving back and community in its rawest of forms.

I've not had the chance to physically go back since, but the PLF has a permanent space in my heart so I do what little I can. I'm amazed and beyond thrilled at how far it's come since those early days.

Though my birthday this year has passed, instead of a belated drink or a card, I'd love if you could support the PLF. The smallest amount goes the longest of ways.

Ponheary, Lori, the team & kids are incredibly grateful for your support!


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