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Urgent Need for Medical Assistance

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Together We Can Save a Life

Narong was hit by a car on his moto yesterday and is now fighting for his life. He has had a brain hemorrhage and his leg is broken in 3 places, also requiring surgery.

We made the decision today to transport him to a neurological hospital in Battambang (3 hours away) so he could get immediate care. The cost for that alone was $250 USD, and his hospital stay in Siem Reap was $400 USD.

The predicted costs for his brain surgery, to pin his leg and his recovery in hospital is roughly $3500 USD. Assuming he will make it through everything, he will also need rehabilitation after hospital.

Narong is the most generous kind-hearted person that will give his food to those in need, he also teaches for free and helps the elderly here in Siem Reap.

His family is very poor and cannot afford the costs of the surgery or hospital care. They are village people and only earn about $150 to $200 a month. Hospital care in Cambodia is much cheaper than in the west, but for poor families, still completely out of reach.

Time is of the essence: if you can help even in small amounts, it will matter.