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Give the gift of educational support

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$250 towards $250

For my birthday this year, I’d love if you could join me in supporting an organization close to my heart — Cambodian education advocacy charity, The Ponheary Ly Foundation.

COVID hit Cambodia particularly hard — it was a full-blown humanitarian crisis with close to 2 million children out of school. Thankfully the aftershock is waning & a new normal is settling in, with school doors finally reopening (after 18 months of closures). However, there’s a big problem. Many returning to school had little to no access to educational provisions during this hiatus; as such, these students are finding themselves catapulted back into the classroom, 2 full grades ahead, with an expectation to keep up. Imagine — the youngest cohort were just learning to master the alphabet pre-pandemic & now they’re required to read + write proficiently…

I’m hoping to raise $250 to print much-needed remedial training materials for primary school students. These resources (UNICEF curated exercises, worksheets & more in Khmer language + Math) will help students brush up &, more importantly, stay in school…In the last few months, almost 8% of the PLF’s Grade 6 cohort dropped out to return to the fields, the highest attrition rate in over 10 years.

I’m constantly in awe by how the PLF accomplishes so much good with any donation, small or large.

Just $10 can help print 15 books of remedial exercises. Your gift has the power to move mountains…Let’s fight to keep students in school!

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sample math worksheet!