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Library Program Initiative

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The PLF supports libraries at each of our schools stocked with plenty of Khmer books as well as some Khmer to English books so that students can practice their reading in both languages. PLF buys all of the books and pays a librarian as well as provides games such as chess, legos, and puzzles so that students can engage their minds with not only books but stimulating games. Libraries also provide the youngest students with a place to grow their interest in learning

Libraries During Covid Times

For many students, the libraries have been a lifeline to keeping them engaged with learning since their study hours have been so shortened. Each grade has an allotted time each week to come in groups of 10. Luckily, all our librarians are also our school nurses and also manage hygiene. They are right on top of the handwashing protocols and everything that needs to happen to ensure book lending a safe activity for both the students and the staff.